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Image by Sandro Schuh

Hannah Tatro

Team Store & Production Support

Started in March 2021!

 "I am the newest member of the KSS team. I started full-time in March of 2021. I am a BFA graduate of the class of 2020. Although still in training, I have never felt more comfortable working for a company that treats you like family. I am learning quickly the number of efforts and details we put into our work to make sure everything looks amazing. The whole staff is very welcoming and supportive.


Even though I knew most of them prior to my new position I still feel more welcomed after I started working here. I was given the opportunity to come here after my school day during high school and sit and wait for Jaime (my mom) to finish up her day. That experience in itself gave me a little more insight into what really goes on years prior to my hire date. I got to meet a lot of the staff because of this and that also helped me build a relationship with more of them."

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